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What Is Test Management?

Test management is the process of documenting, executing and tracking test cases and tests. A test management tool is used by testers and QA teams to manage automated or manual tests that were previously designed by testers or stakeholders (often based on the requirements for a software project).

Advanced test management tools allow you to define complex test scenarios and enable teams to test software against multiple configurations (for example, multiple operating system versions). Advanced tools also allow you to track milestones, provide ways to view statistics and to view detailed reports of recent test activity.

Once a test management tool has been implemented in an organization, all team members and stakeholders such as developers, testers, managers and customers can use the software to track the progress of software tests and to measure the quality of the latest software builds.

Open Source Test Management Software 18 Tools

See below for a select list of open source and free test management tools. Every team has different needs and different requirements and most teams evaluate a variety of open source and commercial tools before they make a decision which tool they want to use.


FitNesse is a software development collaboration tool. FitNesse enables customers, testers, and programmers to learn what their software should do, and to automatically compare that to what it actually does do. It compares customers' expectations to actual results.

Mozilla Testopia

Testopia is a test case management extension for Bugzilla. It is designed to be a generic tool for tracking test cases, allowing for testing organizations to integrate bug reporting with their test case run results.


qaManager is a platform independent web based application for managing QA projects with a very simple installation. qaManager comes with project tracking, resource management, test case management and more.


Bromine is an open source QA tool that uses selenium RC as its testing engine. The tests are created with the custom Selenium IDE format and uploaded to Bromine.


QATraq is a tool that provides the framework for task management and control, across the whole test process. Control everything from defining test plans to writing test cases and recording results


Radi is a lightweight test management tool. Radi supports test directory features like configuring test plans, updating (create/edit) test results for the test images/builds, backup, user management and more.


RTH (requirements and testing hub) is an open source test management tool that also has requirements management and bug-tracking capabilities.


RTH Turbo is an optimized version of RTH, a testing management tool, that allows for requirement management, test case management, defect tracking, creating test plans and analyzing your test results.


Salome-TMF is an independent Test Management Tool, which helps you to manage your entire testing process, including creating test scripts, executing tests, tracking results, produce documentation and more.


Tesly is a web application written in PHP that helps you create, execute, and report on test plans. QA leaders can track the progress of testing as testers use the interface to report completion of test cases.

Test Case Web

Test Case Web (TCW) is an online test case management (TCM) and test-tracking system built with PHP and a SQL backend.


Test Run is the next generation of test planning software. Based upon Testitool it provides QA engineers with a state of the art test bench, and managers with the reports they need to bring visibility into their teams work.


TestLink is a web-based test management tool. The application provides test specification, test plans and execution, reporting, requirements specification and collaborate with well-known bug trackers.


Testmaster is a test case logging, reporting and test automation tool, much like the commercial product Test Director. Testmaster runs on Linux and utilizes Apache to serve web pages, postgresql as the database, antiword to convert MS docs and Perl as the development language.


The Test Environment Toolkit (TET) is provided as an open source, unsupported, command-line product. It is widely used in many test applications including The Open Group's UNIX Certification program and the Free Standards Group's LSB Certification program.


A test case management tool for trac that uses subversion as the test case repository and uses the ticket framework in trac to create test runs.


Tarantula is an open source test management tool. The source code is hosted on GitHub for easier collaboration and it's recommended to install Tarantula on CentOS by using it's automated script installer.


WebTst is an open-source test management tool aimed at creating and managing user-centric testing. WebTst is a tool written in Perl and dependent on Apache.

Related Testing Books 8 Books

The following books provide a good starting point to learn more about software testing, software quality in general and how to improve the quality and reliability of software projects..

Testing Computer Software

Cem Kaner, Jack Falk, Hung Q. Nguyen, 480 Pages, Wiley

This book will teach you how to test computer software under real-world conditions. The authors have all been test managers and software development managers at well-known Silicon Valley software companies. Successful consumer software companies have learned how to produce high-quality products under tight time and budget constraints. The book explains the testing side of that success.

How Google Tests Software

James A. Whittaker, Jason Arbon, 320 Pages, Addison-Wesley Professional

Do you need to get it right, too? Then, learn from Google. Legendary testing expert James Whittaker, until recently a Google testing leader, and two top Google experts reveal exactly how Google tests software, offering brand-new best practices you can use even if you’re not quite Google’s size…yet!

Managing the Testing Process: Practical Tools and Techniques for Managing Hardware and Software Testing

Rex Black, 672 Pages, Wiley

The book covers core testing concepts and thoroughly examines the best test management practices and tools of leading hardware and software vendors. Step-by-step guidelines and real-world scenarios help you follow all necessary processes and avoid mistakes. If you're responsible for managing testing in the real world, Managing the Testing Process is the valuable reference and guide you need.

Lessons Learned in Software Testing: A Context-Driven Approach

Cem Kaner, James Bach, Bret Pettichord, 320 Pages, Wiley

The world's leading software testing experts lend you their wisdom and years of experience to help you avoid the most common mistakes in testing software. Each lesson is an assertion related to software testing, followed by an explanation or example that shows you the how, when, and why of the testing lesson. More than just tips, tricks, and pitfalls to avoid, Lessons Learned in Software Testing speeds you through the critical testing phase of the software development project without the extensive trial and error it normally takes to do so.

Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams

Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory, 576 Pages, Addison-Wesley Professional

In Agile Testing, Crispin and Gregory define agile testing and illustrate the tester’s role with examples from real agile teams. They teach you how to use the agile testing quadrants to identify what testing is needed, who should do it, and what tools might help. The book chronicles an agile software development iteration from the viewpoint of a tester and explains the seven key success factors of agile testing.

Managing the Test People: A Guide to Practical Technical Management

Judy McKay, 214 Pages, Rocky Nook

Managing the Test People was written for managers, leads, and people who may soon find themselves in a technical leadership position. It focuses on some of the unique problems in the software quality assurance profession, yet the bulk of the book is applicable to any technical management job. It provides practical advice for the novice and affirmation for the expert. It contains real world stories illustrating the concepts discussed in the text.

Beautiful Testing: Leading Professionals Reveal How They Improve Software

Tim Riley, Adam Goucher, 352 Pages, O'Reilly Media

Successful software depends as much on scrupulous testing as it does on solid architecture or elegant code. But testing is not a routine process, it's a constant exploration of methods and an evolution of good ideas. Beautiful Testing offers 23 essays from 27 leading testers and developers that illustrate the qualities and techniques that make testing an art. Through personal anecdotes, you'll learn how each of these professionals developed beautiful ways of testing a wide range of products – valuable knowledge that you can apply to your own projects.

Specification by Example: How Successful Teams Deliver the Right Software

Gojko Adzic, 296 Pages, Manning Publications

Specification by Example is a collaborative method for specifying requirements and tests. Seven patterns, fully explored in this book, are key to making the method effective. The method has four main benefits: it produces living, reliable documentation; it defines expectations clearly and makes validation efficient; it reduces rework; and, above all, it assures delivery teams and business stakeholders that the software that's built is right for its purpose.

Articles and Recommended Links

In addition to the above mentioned books, there's a huge number of online resources related to software testing, quality assurance and software quality. We researched the best articles and online resources and please see the list of links below.

Test management article on Wikipedia

This is a very useful introductory article about test management and explains the basic processes, terminology and areas of test management.

UK Tester Forums

The UK Tester Forums community is an online resource but also organizes quarterly meetings in Central London. The forums cover many topic areas including test team and people management, project test management and test strategy.

Reengineering Test Management

The problems due to unstructured, decentralized test management can be solved by reengineering the test management process. A testing project starts by building a test plan and proceeds to creating test cases, implementing test scripts, executing tests, and evaluating and reporting on results.

Requirements Driven Test Management

This article explains requirements driven test management and argues why this technique is needed to overcome late or cancelled projects and software quality issues.

Testing & The Role of a Test Lead / Manager

The Role of Test Lead / Manager is to effectively lead the testing team. To fulfill this role the Lead must understand the discipline of testing and how to effectively implement a testing process while fulfilling the traditional leadership roles of a manager. What does this mean?

Are You Making Progress or Spinning Your Wheels?

While managing a long project, it's easy to lose track of progress. And, when that happens, how do you even know whether you're still making progress? In this article, Johanna Rothman offers suggestions to help you take your project one step at a time and keep it under control.

The Role of the Test Manager in an Agile Organization

If you're a test manager--or any sort of manager, for that matter--in a company that's transitioning to agile, you might be curious about where you stand in the new environment. Many of the traditional management roles are gone, but managers still have their place.

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Test Management

A test management tool is software used to manage tests (automated or manual) that have been previously specified by a test procedure. There are several commercial and open source test management tools available in the market today.

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